Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mathad Mathadu Mallige – Film Review

This is the film based on one of the problems faced by our country or rather her people today. But then this is not one of those boring documentaries, but a good commercial movie. After a long time, Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini have acted together in a Kannada film. This is as well the come back film for veteran C R Simha. With right people in the right roles this film has come out good.

Film revolves around the struggle of a farmer, Hoovaiah(Vishnuvardhan) of Jenukoppa village against the evil sketches of a multinational company. Problems and dilemmas of the people of Jenukoppa begin when the government is about to give mining license to a multinational company. People are in a dilemma whether to protect their land or get the money by selling their beloved land. But Hoovaiah is firm in his stand. He knows motive behind the MNC’s moves and he is well aware of the hardships faced by people around the world due to such companies. This reminds us of the recent happenings in India involving MNCs. Politicians’ corrupt nature and govt officials’ exploitation is well depicted here. There is then the pain of the people who lose their land for money because of this. This reminds you of the recent incident in Nandigram in West Bengal. When the public litigation case against the mining filed in High court is unattended, Hoovaiah decides appeal in the Supreme court. Voilence casts its shadows on the village by then. On the other end Hoovaiah starts Satyagraha against the mining which had already started. In the end with Supreme Court’s stay order in place, Hoovaiah wins the battle. This concludes that however worst our system has become, there is still hope in our judiciary. This has been proved several times in this country.

Winning combo of Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini has done the trick here once again. It is yet another milestone film for the badman of Kannada industry today, Rangayana Raghu. Komal, Mandya Ramesh sizzle in comedy scenes. Though a small role in the end, Sudeep has done justice to his role. Director Nagatihalli Chandrashekhar breaks his earlier tradition of choosing love stories and new faces and gifts a very good film to the Kannadigas. His research is evident when the protagonist speaks of the statistics of the people affected by the MNC invasion all over the world. Another highlight in the film is the role played by media. With TV and FM culture mashrooming all over the country, this has been depicted in this film. Big FM and TV 9 are film’s media parterns. This shows beginning of the era of real commercial gains in Kannada films.


  1. will make it a point to watch this whenever possible....

  2. Here is the review on thatskannada.com




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