Tuesday, August 14, 2007

60 years of Freedom

Tomorrow India turns 60. Somehow the importance attached to these ‘round figures’ like 25, 50 or 60 refuse to die. Anyway that is the world looks at it. Suddenly the achievements in 60 years become important when a nation turns 60, no matter what it has achieved in last 59, 58 or say 53 years.

Any way progress is not a destiny but a journey in itself. The so-called developed countries, have they stopped advancing their progress, No. Whenever we talk of progress comparisions are always made against those bench mark nations. Are we justified in this? A nation can not call itself developed unless the basic necessities of every citizen are met. We don’t just want to be Super power in the world, but a nation where all citizens are treated equal and have the basic amenities. The current economic boom has resulted in more cities, more employment opportunities but also the rift between the haves and have-nots has increased. As the nation turning 60, I would like to see my nation as developed yet caring for all the sections of the society in the days to come.

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