Monday, September 10, 2007

Tulu Academy now in Kerala too

It was indeed a proud moment for Kasaragod Tuluvas when Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan inaugurated Tulu Academy on September, 2007 at Hosangadi, Kasaragod. Tulu Sahitya Academy in Mangalore, Karnataka has been functioning for the last 10 years encouraging literary works in Tulu language. Hope to see the Tulu Academy in Kerala to contribute to the revival of Tulu literature.

Tulu Sahitya Academy is working towards introducing Tulu language as one of the third languages in schools in Karnataka from class 6th onwards. It has organized Tulu Utsavas outside Karnataka – in Surat, Vadodara in Gujarat this year. Kudos to its efforts.

First Tulu work as per available records is ‘Tulu Mahabharata’ written in 13th century. Other Tulu works include ‘Tulu Devimahatme’ (15th century), ‘Tulu Bhagavata’, ‘Kaveri’( both 17th century). First Tulu-English dictionary was compiled by Reverend Manner in 1886. In 1979, Govinda Pai Research Centre in MGM College, Udupi started its ambitions project : ‘Tulu Lexicon’. It was an 18-year project with research on speech forms of different dialects, special vocabularies used for different occupational activities, rituals, socio-religious occasions and folk literature in the forms of paaddanas, kabites, folk songs, proverbs and riddles.Third volume of the trilingual lexicon – Tulu-Kannada-English was released in 1995. The Tulu lexicon has been awarded the Gundert award for the best dictionary in India in 1996.

On the film front, last year saw the release of Tulu film Kadala Mage which received well by the Tuluvas. This year Richard Castalino’s Badi received the award for the best film in regional language by the Karnataka State Govt. Expecting to see some more films in the near future.


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