Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lyrics Or Music ?

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This is very contentious issue to answer. The question here is when a song be it a film song or other becomes a hit, whether it is because of its music or its lyrics?

There are songs written exclusively for the music(most of the times when tune is from any other language hit film song). So here lyrics is compromised at the cost of music or tune. But most of the times those songs are going to become hits. One of the classical examples is tamil film Kadhalan being remade in Hindi as Hum Se Hai Muqabla. There lyrics were not upto the mark set by yesteryear hindi lyricists. Latest addition to this is Jane Do Na song from Amitabh Bachchan starrer Cheeni Kum whose tune is similar to Jothe Jotheyali song from Shankar Nag starrer kannada film Geetha (music by Ilayaraja in both cases).

Nowadays well written lyrics is hard to find in film songs. But there are exceptions. Songs from kannada film Mungaaru Male are unique blend of good lyrics and equally good music. Anisuthide Yaako Indu has almost become the State Anthem of Karnataka with its huge popularity across the state.

But most of the times I feel a song becomes a instant hit because of its music. But wait, these songs which tend to become instant hits purely because of its music usually tends to have a short life span. People tend to forget these songs once a new song with better music takes over. This is mostly the case with songs with loud music. But not with the songs with good lyrics and of course light music. That is the reason I feel old songs still enjoy the popularity as before with their excellent lyrics. Can you ever forget songs from Hindi films like Dil, Saajan, Sholey, Aaraadhana or Kannada films like Kasthuri Nivaasa, Nyaayave Devaru, Gandhada Gudi, Amruthavarshini?

What is your say on this?



  1. I always look for lyrics in a song. If the lines are meaningful and interesting I like it.

    But songs do become it inspite of bad lyrics, either because of semi clad item girls in it or because of excellent music composition which sidelines other aspects like lyrics/videography etc

    Historically good lyrics coupled with gread voice of the signer was the sole reason behind popular songs. Now lot of audio video techniques are used to compensate other shortfalls.

    That's my opinion...

  2. Actually, now, most (if not all) of the songs are written for the music. First they select a tune, and then fit in words. So it will be more difficult for lyricists...

  3. Hi... According to me its the Both Music and Lyrics that matter.. and its depends upon the mood,state of mind and personlaity... the song from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ie TADAP TADAP dint have any great music.. but it was lyrics and the great voice from Kay Kay that made all the difference.. it was liked by the ppl who had similar feelings.. There are instances when we keep humming the songs whose lyrics we dont even know.. songs form tamil ,telugu movies.. etc.. we like the music and tune and we keep humming.. thats the music which come into picture..

    May b most of readers doesnt even know the song MAINE DIL SE KAHA from movie Rog .. its one my favourites.. there its the both Voice of Kay Kay and the smooth music which made me to like the song..some become hit bcos they are party numbers, some melodies,some romantic once.. etc and as far as Himesh's songs go.. i things its only bcos of his Music.. and not nasal voice..!!!!! so my opininon is the likes,Hit among ppl is just depends upon mood,state of mind ,personlaity,Loctaion..etc...

    Nice tipoc Raveesh.. keep it up :)i had no work so commented on the post ;) ha ha ha



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