Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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Confused by the title? This is referring to the bollywood flick, Bheja Fry, which stands different from the rest. Even the movie duration is short being less than 90 minutes where in some movies run for more than 4 hours in bollywood testing the patience of movie audience. Here the entire story revolves around 5-6 characters and no songs, no dance sequences, of course.

This is the story of a man who invites one of his new found ‘talents’ to a dinner party every Friday and will have pleasure in making fun of their talent (but without talents realizing this, as he argues) and he confesses this as his only stress buster. But this time the story is different. The so invited guest ends up being a trouble for the host himself. Stupidities displayed by the guest leads the host to problematic situations. In trying to solve these problematic situations, the ‘talented’ guest digs up more troubles. Humorous dialogues and some good performances by the protagonists get your attention more often. One particular expression to note in the film was TGIF – Thank God Its Friday!! And a victorious laugh of Vinay Pathak after saying this.

Worth watch if you are planning to see a movie out of the mill. I would like to mention here Khosla Ka Ghosla which got good response last year, was different and had Vinay Pathak in a role who helps a middle class family to get their land from the real estate mafia. Now we have forerunners for comedian role along with Paresh Rawal, Boman Irani and others in Hindi Cinema.


  1. nice title .. off late comedy movies in bollywood are full of expletives dialogues, but 'Bheja Fry' is one of exception.

    Vinay Pathak is new entrant to bunch of comedians in bollywood. Some characters played by them becomes memorable.

    my favorite character is 'Babulal' played by Johny Lever in the movie 'Baazigar'. He creates many hilarious moments in the movie.
    One of those is:
    "Babulal kabhi tumare bap ne bhi chai banayi this"
    Babulal replies: " Bap ka nam mat le, woh to coffee banaya karte the"

  2. There is none better than the combo of Ranbir/vinay.
    as konkana sen herself says, ranbir is the best actor for a comical role.
    he is too brilliant in this movie as well as in khosla ka ghosla.
    Fantastic movie if you want to forget everything and want to get entertained for half anhour.



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