Wednesday, March 28, 2007

End of World Cup Dream!!!

So much as has been written, spoken about this. So no more to write but just to say that it is the end of a world cup dream, a dream of more than 100 crore people.

This is India’s worst performance in recent times. History repeated itself when India made first round exit this year 2007, fourth time in the world cup history, earlier being in 1975, 1979 and 1992 editions. Interestingly though first tour of team India after this bad performance will be to Bangladesh, the minnows who outclassed the giants. This is one of Indian Cricket’s darkest phases.

By the way what were Greg and Dravid doing in those games. Probably experimenting for the next world cup. Two stalwarts retired from shorter version of the game after the world cup debacle namely Anil Kumble and Inzimam Ul Haq. But these were not in news in a big way, since it was overshadowed by their respective teams performances


  1. how did you assume all 100 cr dreamt that India will win?...I wasn't... So make it 100 cr minus one...

  2. Hey Nidhi,

    we are more than 100 crore now.
    So it is apt.



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