Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good Old DoorDarshan Days

DoorDarshan or DD, seems like forgotten word nowadays. But there was one time, when only DD ruled.

Most of them if not everyone, in their 20's now, must have grown up watching DD. There was a time when we never used to miss Ramayan or Mahabharath at 9 in Sunday morning. Then we had Surabhi, what I can say about this program which used to be the complete 'Bharath Darshan',which used to come at Sunday night 9.

Movies only during the weekends, how eagerly we were waiting for the time to roll over to the show timings. Now we have channels, dedicated exclusively for movies, but the enthusiasm to watch the movies in TV, certainly has died.

Agreed that one has a lot of channels to explore now covering from news, music, sports, movies, religion and everything what you can put on TV. But what I have observed in the households I have visited is that, more time is spent in the browsing of channels than in watching any. And there is one more thing, not all of them have the same taste. So hardly anybody watches TV now with the same eagerness in the DD days.

Then there was Chitrahaar the programme featuring Hindi film songs and for Kannadigas we had the Chithramanjari. This used to be the only music programmes featuring film songs. Of course, now we have whole bunch of channels dedicated for music, serving TV audience.

One can never forget the impact Guddeda Bhootha (a Kannada Serial in DD in those times), made in Karnataka, particulary in Dakshina Kannada District. Even today, people today talk of the serial and the impact it made.

It is not that whatever we have today is worthless, the news channels broadcasting news 24 hours, watching movies in repeat telecasts, hearing music whenever we want, have certainly made our life lot better, but can not make such an impact such that the whole nation would come to standstill when there was Mahabharath on TV.

But still in the remote villages of India, one still watches the same old DD with the same eagerness as before.

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  1. DD periodically used to telecast good video songs like "mile sur mera tumhara", "vande maataram" and several other devotional, patriotric songs, which these day no channels broadcast.

  2. Impact depends on quality as well as choices.

    Mahabharata no doubt was a great serial, at that viewers didn't had any choices.
    Ramayan directed by Ramanand Sagar won't have same impact if telecasted at present. Its really boring.

    Quality and content what matters. Present example i can give Kannada serial Muktha. recently i had been to my native place for grihapravesha. 9.00 to 9.30 pm all the ppl including pujaries were in the TV room :). House warming ceremony came to standstill !!!. I guess same impact will be there if fresh serials as good as Mahabharatha are telecasted.

  3. In early 90s one had wait for morning 7.30, afternoon 2.00 or night 8.30, to be updated with current news. Also news used to start 10-15 minutes late. There was no punctuality.

    Nowadays bcz of competition every programs starts on dot.

    Morever DD news in those days hardly had any impact. one can make out comparison between media coverage of Mandal-I in 1989 and of Mandal-II in 2006.

  4. hi Shande,

    Thank you for the comments. I agree that Mahabharath and Ramayan will not have the same impact now evident from the fact one hardly watched when it was aired in a Private TV Channel. But now the all the channels put together have made very few worth watching serials.

    Coming to the news channels I have never said that news channels are not for good and only DD should have been there.

  5. Nice post man. Reminded me of my good old childhood days. Every Sunday at 4, we used to watch kannada movie. The joy was unimaginable when occasionally Cricket matches were telecasted. They used to break up at 8.30pm for Samachar in the middle of the match and resumed the match at 9. We used to eagerly wait till 9 :-)

  6. Radhesh,

    Ya man, you are right. Those were the days. Movie watching was privelege then, colour or black n white did not matter. We also used to watch the news at the end when sports section comes, to catch with the latest score or probably the live match in the news for a minute or two :)




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