Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Blog


Finally landed up starting a blog. Seems that I am little too late for joining the blogging community. But better late than never. Ok, I have named my blog "Ee Prapancha", stands for two things.

1. "Ee Prapancha", in Kannada means 'This World'
2. Also Ee here, stands for electronic, so 'Electronic World'

Nowadays, having a blog is like having a e-mail id. Everyone has one. Publishing a material on the web has now become much simpler. More often than not, it finds the desired bunch of readers too. Hope to provide you all with more articles in the coming days.



  1. Welcome to blogging world Raveesh. Hope to see some nice write ups from you. By default I'll check once a week. If you're posting more frequently alert me.

    All the Best.



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