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Kirik Party : Belageddu Song English Translation

belageddu yaara mukhava naanu noDide - song from Kannada movie, Kirik Party is breaking all records in recent times to become the most popular song on internet. It has already crossed 5 million views on youtube. Here is the translation of its lyrics. Hope you enjoy understanding one of the finest composed songs in Kannada.

beLageddu yaara mukhava naanu noDide
English Translation : whose face did I see after waking up in the morning?
andaano adrushTaano munde kuntide
English Translation : is it a beauty or my luck.. is before me sitting…
ninne kanDa kanasu black and white-u, indu baNNavaagide
English Translation : my dream of yesterday was black and white; it has turned colorful today
ninna mele kavana bareyo gamana eega taane moodide
English Translation : my full attention right now is on writing a poem on you …

kanasalli arrererere baLi bandu alelelele
English Translation : In my dreams, you come close… and
muddaaDi aiyyayayayo kachaguLi thaaLalaare
English Translation : caress me, oh!... can’t stand being tickled!

preethiyalli hosa daari kaTTuva khayaali
English Translation : while craving for carving a new path in romance…
aDDadiDDi hogodu maamooli
English Translation : it is usual to go haywire…
sanneyalle haaDondu haaDuva vidhaana
English Translation : one way is to sing a song using signs…
kaadu keLo preethine majaana
English Translation : or is it fun to wait and listen to romantic lines…

biDadantiro besuge
English Translation : Looks like it is a forever binding alliance…
sere sikkiro salige
English Translation : Feels like a rapport has been struck with you…
ninna sutta suLiyo aasigeega aayass hechchi hogide
English Translation : my desire to be around you all the time is only growing…
ninna jothe kaLeyo ella kshanavu kalpanegu meeride
English Translation : the moments I spend with you are beyond my imagination…

You can read the review of the film Kirik Party here.
You can view the song in the following youtube link.

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  1. Hi can you please translate the lyrics of Hedge Katheyondu shuruvaagide from GBSM

  2. please make it with vedio my non kannada friend asking and he loves this a lot

    1. Great to know that Chethan. But I am not into video editing for adding subtitles.

  3. song translation in english of the song kagadada doniyalli song plz plzzzzzz.........................

  4. Please translate neenire saniha song

  5. Thank you very much! I love this song, and your efforts helped me to understand what this song actually means. Kudos!!!

    1. Nice to know that! Making people know the meanings of popular Kannada songs ! :)

  6. Sir please translate ninna shehadinda from mugulu nage and manachadalli koothu from kirik party..plz

  7. Hi Can you please add meaning of song Ondu Mallebillu from the movie Chakraworthy

  8. Awesome. �� Please add ondu malebillu also

  9. thank you for this. learning kannada and this was helpful :D

    1. Wow, That's great to know - Song translations helping in learning Kannada language! :)

  10. Can anyone tell me why this is happening...
    I have learnt and speak standard Mangalore region Kannada, I am from North India studying in a medical college... But after learning and speaking with patients almost fluently I hardly understood most of these lyrics or most song lyrics or even movies... Why is that?

    1. literary language is used for writing Lyrics. In Kannada movies, the dialogues are mostly in Bengaluru or Mysore Kannada dialect. Mangaluru Kannada dialect is rarely used in Kannada movies. One recent movie is Ondu Motteya Kathe uses entirely Mangaluru Kannada dialect. You can check out here Ondu Motteya Kathe

  11. Sir, can you please translate prati baari sota hrudaya (belgeddu sad version) I'm very eager to know the meaning.. Thanks in advance

  12. Please translate the song lastu benchina in English

  13. Please translate bare bare kalyan mantapake ba and dhava dhava nadu kava from shhh movie if my spellings are wrong please excuse ne becoz i dont know kannada language but i love your songs

    1. That's great Anvi. Let me see how soon I can translate these.
      Your spellings for songs mentioned are understandable. I generally transliterate Kannada lines in English. for example bare bare kalayn mantapake would be written as "baare baare kalyaana mantapake baa" - just to emphasize the vowels.

  14. Can you please interpret the meaning of the song Nooru Nooru koti sung by haricharan and saindhavi
    Thank you.



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