Saturday, April 04, 2015

Vaastu Prakaara Is Disappointing

Vaastu Prakaara is definitely not about Vaastu or its misinterpretations. But then what is it about is also unclear. Senseless talk of people who are in love, philosophical takes on love and life, if life is boring you ought to talk with a friend over a drink  and everything ends well in the climax - Yogaraj Bhat's formula for his brand of movies lately continues here too.  Only difference this time being all the dialogues are spoken in far off Switzerland and not in Karnataka. It isn't surprising if you find shades of Deepa Sannidhi from Paramaatma, Nidhi Subbaiah from Pancharangi or Aindrita Ray from Mansaare. It just goes to show that you have seen enough of Yogaraj Bhat's movies. The talk of invention of a new language for this movie, during the promotion of the film in the TV channels is a farce. It is speaking gibberish, which is neither new in Indian movies nor it requires an extraordinary talent. Convenient usage of English wherever required is enough to say that new language thing is just a gimmick. 
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To make a film around the popularity of the word 'Vaastu' is a commendable job. In the first scene, when a Vaastu consultant in a TV program gives suggestions on Vaastu and at the end of the movie, on the same TV program, when words are spoken against Vaastu are the only two instances where Vaastu discussion comes into picture. But all the while, it is said that there is nothing called Vaastu. Also, when Jaggesh and Rakshit Shetty posing as Vaastu consultants talk about Vaastu compliances and what needs to be changed in the house of the client, they do not look convincing. A hurried script is evident from the dialogues. I would have expected some funny situations arising out of misinterpretations of Vaastu or some serious debate over it. More so, because director's earlier movies had dialogues or lines in songs which mocked Vaastu. But you would find none, which is very disappointing.

Only bright aspect I could find in the movie is the melodious song - besara, kaatara, gadda, hale haadu - which you would have already heard on FM radio or seen in a TV channel. So, the movie can be avoided at best.  


  1. I watched it too... Very disappointing... If I had to write a review, I'd have exactly said the same :)

  2. Thanks Raveesh, I don't need to be excited now to really badly watch this. Also it would be great to add other aspects in Your movie- cinematography , costume, sets, music.

  3. Pawan, katheye neerasavaadaaga ulida vishayagala kade gamana hariyuvude illa

  4. Bhale bhale mitra , aadare avara prayatnakke erdu maatu iddare valledhu anta namma abhipraaya.

  5. Oppatakka maatu... Kalaavidana prayatnavannu kalaavidane(I mean you) gurutisabeku...:)

  6. Thank u very much for ur review of vaastu prakara.i was planning to see the movie by spending my valuable sunday.

  7. Thanks Amina but I have already wasted my 2.5 hours watching it! :(



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