Sunday, March 01, 2015

Mythri reaches out well!

You can read the review of Mythri in Kannada here.

Mythri, the Kannada movie, presents a serious issue through humor as well as touches the cinematic sensibilities of the audience on the way. That apart, catchy punchlines set the tempo in the movie! It is not that movie is without stereotyped characters or predictable twists in the story. But the film manages to go beyond that and raises the voice of that social segment which is downtrodden and considered to be antisocial. We have seen the crew in other films boasting their film to be different during promotions, which more often than not prove to be false. But Mythri truly differs in treatment of the subject handled by very few. It is also heartening to see Giriraj utilizing second half and climax in the movie to full effect, which is a rare phenomenon in Kannada cinema nowadays. There is no hesitation in calling this movie, a bridge film as it finely blends elements of parallel and mainstream cinema. But some scenes which show too much violence and some which seem explicit could have been avoided. In that sense, movie could have been subtle in some aspects. Having said that I would say movie is a fine effort in a time when Kannada movie industry is stuggling to come up with original scripts.

Juvenile crime and harsh realities around it form the crux of the movie. Depiction of antisocial elements who take advantage of the loopholes in juvenile law in India and prejudices against juvenile criminals come out well in the film. Though at times one feels the shadow of the Slumdog millionaire on the movie, Mythri retains its distinctness.
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It is good to see many hands join for a movie made with a good intention. Many big names in the industry - Malayalam movie legend Mohanlal, Kannada superstar Puneeth Rajkumar, director Shashank, Atul Kulkarni and Ravi Kale, who are known for their fine performances play their part in acting. Music maestro Ilayaraj has rendered the music for the film. Yogaraj Bhat and Jayanth Kaykini well known for their lyrics for popular Kannada numbers and poet H S Venkateshamurthy have penned the songs. Bhavana Menon, Satyajith, Sadhu Kokila play guest roles. Interestingly, director Giriraj himself has lent his voice for Ravi Kale’s role of Guli Prathap. Success of Mythri is a tribute to this combined effort as film continues to run for the second week in many theatres of Bangalore. Already the buzz in Gandhinagar is about this movie being made in Telugu with Nagarjuna playing the of role which Puneeth played. If that materializes, it would be a feather in cap for the team.

Earlier, B M Giriraj had directed a short film ‘Navilaadavaru’, much before ‘Jatta’, which won Karnataka state award for being the second best film. You can find review of ‘Navilaadavaru’ here. Also, have a look at the trailer of the movie Mythri in the youtube link below.



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