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Quiz on Tulu Nadu and Tulu Culture

Every year ‘Aatidonji Koota’(a get together of Tuluvas in the month of Aati) is celebrated with great enthusiasm among Tuluvas. In cities like Bangalore, it is an occasion to take break from the busy life and meet the fellow Tuluvas and have a good time. Recently, I attend one such gathering. On that occasion, I was responsible for conducting a quiz on Tulu Nadu and Tulu culture. Following are the questions from the quiz. I must admit that I enjoyed preparing these questions - had fun searching several texts for questions, finding English equivalent terms for native Tulu words. I came to know more about my culture and felt proud about the Tulu heritage. Hope you enjoy answering these questions. Do let me know how many of these questions you are able to answer correctly! :)

1.       When was Vishwa Tulu Sammelana held?
a.       December 2008
b.      December 2010
c.       December 2009
d.      December 2007
2.       Why does ’Aati Kalenja’ visit homes in Tulu Nadu in the month of Aati?
a.       To indicate that the month of Aati is over
b.      To ward off evil spirits and diseases
c.       To convey the message of Emperor Bali
d.      To begin the cutting of the crop
3.       What do you call the umbrella made of palm leaves, held by Aati Kalenja?
a.      Tatra
b.      Kedinjel
c.       Toppige
d.      Gaggara
4.       Who published the Tulu-English dictionary in 1886?
a.       Reverend Manner
b.      Reverend Kittel
c.       Hegan
d.      Father Muller
5.       Whose rule was majorly confined to parts of Tulu Nadu?
a.       Gangas
b.      Alupas
c.       Chalukyas
d.      Rashtrakutas
6.       During  Aati Amavaasye people have the drink made from the bark of which tree?
a.       Jack fruit
b.      Alstonia Scholaris / Milkwood Pine/ Ditabark
c.       Banyan
d.      Indian gooseberry / Nelli Kayi / Amla
7.        Historically, which river separates from Tulu Nadu from Kerala?
a.       Varahi
b.      Chandragiri
c.       Netravati
d.      Kaveri
8.       Which famous Tulu theater actor acted in Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Malayalam movie ‘Vidheyan?
a.       Devadas Kapikad
b.      Naveen D Padil
c.       Vamana Nandavara
d.      Anand Bolar
9.       Which great poet invited Kannadigas, Telugoids and Tuluvas to enjoy his poetry by saying ‘ayyayya chenaadudene Kannadigaru, rayyamanchidiyene  Teluga, ayyayya encha porlandendu Tuluvaru maiyyubbi kelabekanna!’
a.       Muddana
b.      Ratnakara Varni
c.       Kunda Verma
d.      Charukeerti
10.   What is the original name(moola nama) of ‘Kallurti’ bhoota?
a.       Kalkuda
b.      Kaali
c.       Kalkutiga
d.      Katyayini
11.   According  to Hindu cosmology, which one of the following regions became Tulu Nadu?
a.       Yaksha Loka
b.      Kinnara Loka
c.       Naga Loka
d.      Deva Loka
12.   ‘kang gla, taare gla onje tale athth’ – what is the meaning of this Tulu saying?
a.       Areca nut tree and coconut tree are not the same
b.      Though the task done is same charge according to the person’s financial status
c.       Relationship and business are two entirely different aspects and not to be mixed
d.      Treat everyone as equal
13.   Which is the birth place of warriors of Tulu Nadu – Koti and Chennaya?
a.       Padumale
b.      Veeramale
c.       Elumale
d.      Kemmale
14.   Which is the special game played during the month of Aati?
a.       Marbles
b.      Tip-cat / Chinni Daandu
c.       Chenne Mane
d.      Game of dice / Pagade
15.   Who is the author of Tulu epic – ‘Shree Bhagavato’?
a.       Nrupa Tunga
b.      Vishnu Tunga
c.       Naranappa
d.      Muddana
16.   Which is the first movie to be released in Tulu language?
a.      Pagetta Puge
b.      Bisatti Babu
c.       Udald Tudar
d.      Enna Tangadi
17.   Who among the following served as the wrestler in Mayippadi Palace and was famous for super human feats?
a.       Agoli Manjanna
b.      Maroli Chomanna
c.       Pulkuru Baacha
d.      Hydroose
18.   Who is the mother of Koti and Chennaya?
a.       Deyi Baiditi
b.      Kinnidaru
c.       Chennamma
d.      Ponnamma
19.   Which two rivers meet in Mangalore/Kudla?
a.       Netravati, Varahi
b.      Netravati, Payaswini
c.       Netravati, Chandragiri
d.      Netravati, Gurupura
20.   During the reign of which king did the ‘Aliya Kattu’ tradition come into place in coastal Karnataka?
a.       Kunda Verma
b.      Bommarasa
c.       Bhootala Pandya
d.      Nagarasa

1.       December 2009
2.       To ward off evil spirits and diseases
3.       Tatra
4.       Reverend Manner
5.       Alupas
6.       Alstonia Scholaris / Milkwood Pine/ Ditabark
7.       Chandragiri
8.       Naveen D Padil
9.       Ratnakara Varni
10.   Kaali
11.   Naga Loka
12.   Though the task done is same charge according to the person’s financial status
13.   Padumale
14.   Chenne Mane
15.   Vishnu Tunga
16.   Enna Tangadi
17.   Pulkuru Baacha
18.   Deyi Baidithi
19.   Netravati, Gurupura
20.   Bhootala Pandya


  1. Totally unknown facts. Thanks for putting these down :)

  2. Hi Raveesh, This is awesome!
    Even I have shared it in my page.

    Keep sharing such things :)

    I recently started following you, I would request you to share english version of stories of bhoota aaradhane, stories of diffrent temples and history of Tulunadu

    Thanks :)



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