Sunday, June 17, 2012

Going Far East - Tokyo Memoirs!

It was my first international trip and I was travelling to the land of rising sun known for its technological prowess. Needless to say, arriving at the Tokyo Narita airport, I felt a sense of awe.
Tokyo Narita Airport
Tokyo Narita Airport
At the Tokyo Narita Airport : On arrival at the Narita Airport, we bought the Airport Limousine tickets to Akasaka in Minato-ku, Tokyo, where we had booked our hotel rooms. Then, we waited for the bus to arrive. The first thing I noticed was the punctuality of the bus service.
Airplanes at Narita Airport
Airplanes at Narita Aiport
We handed over our baggage to the baggage handler who loaded them underneath the bus tagging them with id tags. With a courteous smile, baggage handler bowed us. That was the first time we received the traditional greeting in Japan! When the bus was about to start, we were given instructions to wear the seat belt and they were in Japanese as well as in English. This was strange as in India even the people who drive avoid wearing seat belts though now it is mandatory for the passengers in front seat of the car to wear them. It was about an hour long non-stop smooth drive from the airport to the Tokyo city, one of the many things I would come to know about infrastructure in Japan! After a while, huge skyscrapers became a common sight from the bus window. Within few minutes we reached our hotel. We got our luggage handing over the tag slip to the luggage handler. After freshening up, we got ready to try some Japanese cuisine. That and more in the upcoming posts.

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