Sunday, January 29, 2012

Learn Tulu Online now with Audio Guide

I thought of giving new dimension to the Learn Tulu Online Series in this blog. You will now be able to hear and learn Tulu in Introducing from this post is the audio guide which will help in getting the pronunciations right in Tulu and Kannada. I am beginning from the first post in Learn Tulu Online series, which is Commonly Used Phrases. Also, please find audio clips for other posts in the series. Please press the play button to listen to the recording. Please note that playing of the audio depends upon whether the browser you are using is HTML 5 compatible or not. Please leave your comments in case of any issues and do let me know how did you like this experiment!


  1. Wonderful Guide; It'd help if the words are broken down to help in enunciation and then sped up to regular tempo for conversation.

  2. Hi bEye,

    Thanks for your comments. Ya, even I felt that the words should have been broken after I posted the audio. I will keep this in mind in my next posts. Also, I think it is better to have separate audios for English to Kannada and English to Tulu translations!

  3. good one marayre.. just english tulu is fine,, n good going

  4. Thanks preetham. Ya, will make sure next time the audio will contain English and Tulu only.

  5. Sir,
    I don't know if I am asking too much. Can there be a "Kannada & Tulu" only?

    Your efforts are great and for all Kannadigas, Tulu learning is a "low hanging fruit" and I am sure a large number will learn it.

  6. plz sir put more audio tutorials please a request

  7. hey raveesh...excellent thing..this audio guide...but can we have more of your audio classes..? coz the typed matter available online dont help...

  8. Hi!!
    Greeting of the day,
    I want to learn Tulu. I have seen your Ee Prapancha. I found it is intestring. Can you send me the lessons one by one to learn Tulu completely to Will you do this for me Sir.

    Srinivasa Rao K V

  9. Dear Srinivasa Rao,

    You can get all the posts for Tulu learning in this website under the following link -

  10. Thanks for your Audio files it is helping me to learn tulu easily.



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