Monday, June 16, 2008

Bangalore Sightseeing : Big Banyan Tree, Manchinabele Backwaters

Saturday mornings are usually dull as there is no hurry to catch the office cab or BMTC bus to reach office. So, when Shande invited me for a bike trip to Big Banyan Tree(Dodda Aalada Mara), Ramohalli and Manchinabele backwaters on the outskirts of Bangalore, I readily agreed. But Shande had made sure that I woke up early at 6 AM, earlier than the time to wake up in office days! This was to see that we escape the horrible traffic in Mysore road in the mornings. Big Banyan Tree, Ramohalli, BangaloreBig Banyan Tree : Well, I started from Vijayanagar and reached Nayandahalli from where Shande picked me at 7 30 AM. Bike ride was not even 25 minutes when we reached Big Banyan Tree at Ramohalli. Plan was to have breakfast here, wander around the dodda aalada mara and then proceed towards Manchinabele dam. As the full gang of 11 people was yet to assemble at the spot, me, Shande and Subhajit started our photographic adventure! Big banyan tree is spread across 3 acres and provides photographers with the opportunities to shoot in different perspectives. We tried to find main root of the tree without any success but later I came to know that it was succumbed to a natural disease. After the first photo session we had our breakfast in the nearby hotel and got ready to shoot for the second time, this time monkeys which are abundant around the big tree!Bird's View of Manchinabele BackwatersManchinabele Dam/Backwaters : Big banyan tree also houses Shri Muneshwara Swamy temple. After our visit to dodda aalada mara, we headed towards Manchinabele dam which is about 8 kms from Ramohalli. Well, for the resort enthusiasts here is an info – Ruppis Hotel & Resort by Kannada actor Upendra is nearby Big Banyan Tree. Further, road towards Manchinabele dam was in pathetic condition as it was not asphalted and it was understandable too, as on the way we found facilities being setup with all those hi-fi antennas for Chandrayan mission 2010 by ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization) and so new roads were being laid. Manchinabele Backwaters with Savanadurga in the backgroundManchinabele dam was not too far and we reached soon there. Backwaters at the dam with Savanadurga on the backdrop, give the place picturesque look. No short of SLRs and other Digicams, gang was on for photographic expedition as soon as we reached the place. We had stopped at the rocky area near the dam to take some photos and have some snacks as it was already past 12. Chit chats and exclamations of the beautiful place followed.Manchinabele surroundings resembling Kashmir valley!Our next stop was to stop at the banks of the river which was known for bird watching. Not a variety of birds though as Brahminy kite was prominent among the eagles in the place. Birds are at a striking distance and care is required while carrying cameras. One could also find cranes though they were less in number. Well, surroundings near the river offer you cool breeze to escape from hot sun. Savanadurga, largest monolith hill in Asia, seemed quite near from here. Other than birds in motion there was not much to see. Facing the Manchinabele backwaters was the hilly area in the above picture. What caught my attention was its striking resemblance to Kashmir valley!

Mukthi Naaga Temple, Ramohalli : On our way back to Bangalore city we went to Mukthi Naaga Temple near Ramohalli. Mukthi Naaga statue is 12 feet tall, 36 tonne weight is the largest Naga statue I had seen. Mukthi Naaga temple is known for its naga dosha nivarane powers.( Naga dosha/Sarpa Dosha was in the news recently when ace Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar made a visit to Kukke Subramanya Temple, Subramanya, 105 kms from Mangalore, seeking solutions for Naga Dosha.) Mukthi Naaga Temple, Ramohalli, BangaloreTemple is now being expanded into Mukthi Naaga Temple complex which will have 125 feet Mahadwara/Rajagopura, Navagraha temples, Kshetra Palaka Temple, Patladamma temple, Aadimukthi Naaga Temple, 1008 Nagabana, Annapurna Meals hall, Chikka Palani, Go Shala, Dharmadarshi Bhavan and Dharmadarshi house. After the darshan at the temple we were on our way back home.

How to reach Big Banyan Tree(Dodda Aalada Mara), Ramohalli :
On the Mysore road take right turn near Rajarajeshwari Engineering College. Ramohalli is 7km away from there.


  1. good post ... but regarding title Bangalore sightseeing is not appropriate since Ramohalli is outside Bangalore.

  2. Well Shande, Ramohalli though outside Bangalore is at a fair distance from Bangalore. It is not in Bangalore city, agreed but it comes under Bangalore rural district. Bangalore means it does not mean it has to be within the city.

  3. HI Raveesh,

    Good info, any idea about the transportation from BMTC to ramohalli?



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