Saturday, March 08, 2008

Maiden Hundred!

I am happy to inform to all the readers of "Ee Prapancha" that this is the 100th post being published in this blog. Multiples of 5 and 10 have always allured people, nations,magazines,news papers to celebrate for whatever reason! Blog is no exception to this fact. Thats enough of jargon, let us come to terms how it went about, these 100 small steps. Last 4 months have been eventful. In the last 4 months there were 35 posts written with January and February 2008 producing 22 posts!

Story So far : Here are some of the statistics of this blog from July 2007. Off late, visits have been mainly due to Gaalipata, Kannada film review! Gaalipata has been the most hyped film in Kannada film industry this year.Interestingly keyword "Mugilupete" has attracted most number of visitors seeking info about the place, but "Mugilupete" is Yogaraj Bhat's imaginary village covered with clouds in the film Gaalipata.

Second in the list, Mungaaru Male Impact on Gaalipata, analyzed the influence of a successful film, Mungaaru Male on other films in general and Gaalipata in particular. This was the post which I liked most! and this found takers everywhere with contents of this post being posted in forums and in other blogs with no credit given to the original author! One of the incidents explained is this post.

Surprising entries in the list are the two posts about FM Radios. This, I think reflects the mood of the metros/towns to switch to Radio mood on the move. People are eager to find the reviews of radio stations too in the web!

'Tulu cinema at 35' article was posted way back in August 2006. This too found the place in netizens searches for the cinema of coastal Karnataka. Good to know that people not forgetting their roots in a highly globalized society!

Whats In Store? : 100 posts journey has been wonderful. Thanks to all the readers who have been visiting, putting comments for the posts. In the coming 100 posts, expect the regular posts on Cricket, Gandhinagar, Media, Kannada, Film Reviews, Travel and some creative stuff too. Definitely, the frequecy of posts have increased from 4-5 posts a months on an average to 10-12 posts per month. This will continue... and I am expecting the support of all the patrons as always :)



  1. congratulations.

    maiden hundred ? this will be first and only hundred.

  2. Hi Shande,


    Yes, this is the maiden hundred but may not be the only hundred. You never you could get more hundreds in other blogs started by you too :D

  3. Congrats Raveesh...

    May your blog soar higher and higher....

  4. Congratulations! Great going..:)
    Expecting many more good blogs from you.. Now u are more matured in this area.. :) and u can experiement few new things..



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