Monday, December 04, 2006

Hrithik’s Dhoom. . .

What happens when big star cast is combined with exotic locations in the world, high end electronic gadgets and some illogical sequences? – You get a film like Dhoom 2. Frankly speaking its earlier version may not score against the latter’s extravagant sets and some wonderful locations but surely it will score high in the logical quotient than this one.

Film begins ‘somewhere in the desert of Namibia’ with the robbery of Queen’s crown by one and only ‘A’. Whenever a theft is made by ‘A’ in any part of the world he leaves his infamous signature ‘A’. Hrithik’s entry is thus made grand by him jumping from a helicopter to the train down and robbing the crown by disguising as Queen herself! Not to forget the grand entry of Abhishek rescuing ever joking Ali.

When the case is handed over to super cop Jai Dixit he makes some progression (arithmetic/geometric progression??) out of the dates on which ‘A’ had done his thefts. To your amusement he would not have done a single robbery in India. But then you have explanation for that since he is not only a thief but an artist too!! And he wants to leave his mark as A – an ‘A’ formed by joining the places in the world where he had done his deeds and the horizontal line in A passes through Mumbai (like an equatorial line?!). Shonali Bose (Bipasha Basu) joins Jai Dixit in this ‘Catch Mr.A’ mission. But ‘A’ is unstoppable – he robs the diamond from Mumbai museum. After the theft in Mumbai museum, A happens to meet Sunhari (Aishwarya Rai) when she tries to use A’s name to rob historical sword kept in a historical fort. When she wants her to be his partner though initially A refuses finally accepts the offer and owes to make her his shadow and later his mirror!

As mentioned in the beginning film is full of illogical sequences. To narrate one of the illogical sequences – when Mr.A aka Aryan disguises him as a statue in the museum in Mumbai and uses a hi-tech gadget to steal the diamond placed in middle of the hall, no hidden camera was fitted in the museum and it is only guarded by security alone. Even when the diamond is stolen no alarm goes off (but now the original diamond is replaced by a fake one)!! And you will be treated with many such sequences.

Hrithik shines in every disguise he makes to outsmart the cops around the world - whether it is the Queen in Namibia or Cleaner/Statue/Joker in Mumbai or the Clown in Brazil. Playing baddie seems to be trend in bollywood with many heroes donning the role of villain. Hrithik does it here. SRK did it in Don and the Big B himself playing the role of Gabbar Singh in new version of Sholay.

Story takes a twist in the second half when the action shifts to Brazil. Now cop Shonali Bose has her twin sister Monali settled in Brazil (with not knowing one word in Hindi!!) where Jai and Ali stay. Sunhari plays double game with her helping Jai as well as promising her trust to Aryan. Here the scene where Sunhari and Aryan jump from high cliff as part of A’s training is well executed. When Aryan comes to know about betrayal of Sunhari, his Gabbar Singh style of interrogating her with one bullet in the gun and alternative turns to both to shoot the other is somewhat does not suit the situation considering the hi-tech image of Aryan built on the first of film.

If it was high-speed bikes stealing the show in John Abraham starrer Dhoom here you have many more but only in the climax you will find super bikes with Aryan and Sunhari trying to escape from the cops and Jai, Ali chasing them with super bikes.

If you are looking for some high time action and superb tourist locations then Dhoom 2 is a treat to watch. Second half of the film is shot entirely in Brazil. From hair style, hair color, costumes of the stars and of course the sets are too stylish to get eyes off it. No wonder this is going to be the next money spinner in bollywood with even after a week after its release in Bangalore people unable to get tickets. Interestingly most of the story involves only main five characters – Aryan, Sunhari, Jai, Ali, and Shonali/Monali.

And the ending turns out to be rather boring. Sunhari shoots Aryan in an attempt to prove that ‘koi kisi se itna pyaar kartha hai ki woh uski jaan le sake’. But after 6 months Aryan and Sunhari are found running a hotel in Fiji Islands only to be caught by Jai. Don’t ask me how Aryan was saved as it is not proved in the film anywhere. Aryan promptly hands over all his money to Jai – what a pity for hi-fi Mr.A!! And Jai leaves Sunhari and Aryan to live happily ever after.

All in all it is a total time pass film with visual treat of tourist locations, some cool action scenes and gizmos second only to James Bond gizmos.


  1. perfect title - Hrithik's Dhoom. He has carried entire movie on his shoulder. ash and bipasha have done more of modelling than acting. for more comments have a look at my post about D2.

  2. I didn't see this movie yet.. not interested either. Will see few months later on CD/DVD...

    As far as action and robery combination is concerned, I like "the Italian Job" best...



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