Friday, October 27, 2006

Game Shows in Radio!!

Continuing the discussion on the previous post about FM Channels now we land up where we have got game shows on FM Radios. Though the amount may not be as large as it used to be in TV game shows like 'Kaun Banega Carodpathi?' or popularly called 'KBC' of Star Plus or 'Jeetho Chappad Phad Ke' of Sony but surely they are here to stay.

In Bangalore, Radio Big 92.7 has started 'Lucky Lakshmi' few day back hosted by veteran RJ Kiran Shridhar making a come back in FM Radio after a long gap, Radio One 94.3 offers its listeners to become 'Lakhpathis' daily by answering their 3 questions, Radio City 91 FM went one step more with it offering a flat in National Capital New Delhi for the contest winners. So its raining prize galore this season in Bangalore by the radio bigwigs.

As my friend Nidhi pointed out in a post in his blog about the SMSes playing a lead role in earning revenue both for sponsors and the event organisers in almost every game show nowadays it continue to do so here also.

Talking more of FM Radios, November 1 marks the entry of one more famous media person into FM Radio Space with Ravi Belagere beginning to host a new programme at 8 am in FM Rainbow 101.3 called 'Ravi Belagere at 8 am'. And the punch line of the programme goes in typical Belagere style 'Karnatakada gentlemengala madhye obba gantle-man'. Among the loud voices of all private FM channels in Bangalore now FM Rainbow's voice is hardly heard. Will this move change its fortunes? Lets wait and watch.

On the other front, BMTC in Bangalore has introduced new buses exclusive for BMTC pass holders called the 'Pass Bus' thus justifying the need for single door buses in Bangalore. BMTC has taken several good initiatives this year with it starting the much awaited Volvo Service, and then came Special Mall Bus(to visit all the malls in Bangalore), Hospital Special Bus, Women's Special Bus. Kudos to BMTC. Keep up the good work.

Watch this space in the coming days for new posts.



  1. Hi
    Thanks for the link.

    The post updated me on happenings at Bangalore (now onwards Bengalooru).

    Arranging contests is an easy way to grab more and more audience, and people ever willing to participate, it appears to be good for both. What all Radio One and Radio Mirchi doing in this regard?

  2. Hi all,
    as i am mysorean, i am not used to FM radio channels but i am amazed by the fact that even these guys are conducting these kinda events.
    Good for bangaloreans, there will be lot of lakhpatis around.
    Coming to BMTC, Its very impressive compared to mysore etc..
    in mysore TC's take too much time collecting the tickets and there would be lot pit stops in the middle, this wont happen in bangalore even with hundreds of people crowding in the bus.
    They should start lot more of these services to general public.



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