Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mungaru Male 2 - Just A Drizzle!

First thing first. Mungaru Male 2 is not a continuation of the story from the first part! Then, what is it about?

Story : First half of the movie tries to establish that Preetham’s is a follower of YOLO(you only live once) philosophy. But this has given a single perspective to the character. Girl friends and parties are the mainstay in Preetham’s life. But there is a problem. Preetham gets bored with his girlfriends quite easily. So, the cycle of infatuation and break up repeats. This is a drag at times. In the second half, Preetham lands himself in Nandini’s house, who is about to get married! I think I need not explain, what happens after this. But there is a twist, which though is cliched!

Dialogues : Dialogues in Mungaru Male 2 are ordinary. Most seem obvious and lack cinematic expression. Sample this : “Do you need an autograph?”” No, I will take a selfie!” Even a TV ad says it in a better way – Era of autographs is over. Now is the time for photographs! So, you hardly remember any dialogue after the movie!
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Cinematography : Cinematography in the movie is awesome. Slovenia, full of snow and Karnataka, full of greenery, have been captured well and how can I forget the aerial shots of beautiful Rajasthan! But what sometimes spoils the visual treat is the added computer graphics!

Songs : Mungaru Male 2 compositions do not disappoint at all. Jayant Kaykini again has penned two melodious songs – Sariyaagi Nenapide Nanage and Gamanisu Omme Neenu. My pick is Sariyaagi Nenapide Nanage. Even the fast and loud tracks – My Daddy and Onte Songu lift up the spirits!

Other Aspects : From the Sudeep starrer Maanikya, Ravichandran has been portraying supporting roles very well. No exception here too as he plays Ganesh’s sweet dad! Two words, which are used in the film are an overkill – excitement and boring! Beautiful Jog falls shots are marred by an unnecessary action sequence, trying to show Preetham’s change of attitude towards life!

Summary : I felt similarities to Yogaraj Bhat’s Galipata (the movie he made right after Mungaru Male) - ordinary story but a visual treat! So, it has not rained heavily, but if you want to get drenched in a drizzle, then Mungaru Male 2 is for you.
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  1. Looks like you were waiting for the movie :( Will wait till DVD print comes then...

    1. haha! ya, I was waiting for the movie! Also, good idea to wait for the DVD of Mungaru Male 2

  2. Looks like a one watch movie and not sure why they had to name in the Mungaru Male sequence. One good thing is they did not continue the Mungaru Male 1 story. Otherwise it would been a tele serial kind of effect.

    1. Rightly said, one needs to carefully plan for a sequel, which is seriously lacking in Mungaru Male 2.

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