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Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu Review

What is GBSM about? Neglect of elders by their own children is a prevalent problem especially in metros. Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu (GBSM) makes an effort to look into it. The story begins quickly with Mr. Venkob Rao going missing, within few minutes into the movie. This surprises you as you would have expected some drama before that.

Humor: Humor plays an important role in the movie. So, though dealing with a serious subject, you would be tickling your funny bone at regular intervals. Interestingly, the incident which leads to the major twist in the story involves humor. Bengaluru dialect of Urdu has been used in a comedy scene, for which you would definitely need the subtitles!

Music: You would be scared, if I tell that the movie contains 9 songs. You can check out those songs here. But not to worry as mostly bits of songs are used. Whenever you feel it could be an emotional overdose scene, director quickly switches to a song. I must say, this has proved effective in conveying the thoughts.

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Gist of the movie: Only few films depict father-son relationship well. GBSM is one among them. Son avoiding open conversation with father and he questioning his father’s professional achievement have come out well. No mincing of words here.

Ananth Nag: No doubt Ananth Nag is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema. His acting in this movie is brilliant too. But I felt he is underutilized in his role of an aged person suffering from Alzheimer's disease (primarily characterized by short term memory loss). Though I am not aware how an Alzheimer’s patient behaves, it seems like the behavior of the character is not coherent. Subplot involving a crime syndicate takes over half the movie. This, I felt could have been trimmed.

Passing Note: Ace Kannada writer Dr Shivarama Karanth said, ‘Writers bring up a burning issue in their writings but they cannot be expected to provide a solution’. This holds good for movie makers too. They present the scenario and most often, do not go beyond that.

Whether you should watch the movie: Yes, watch the movie with low expectations and enjoy the humor, music and introspection of our lives on the way.

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  1. Wanting to watch this movie while the timings around whitefield not so good for working professionals. :(

    1. Good to know your willingness to watch this movie.. and you are right show times these days are not conducive. By the way, I watched on a week day in the evening! :)

  2. Saw this today. I liked the songs. It's heart touching. This generation ppl have no time...patience for parents, No attachment. ...sentiment
    But parents become kids, N kids become parents later on
    D way parents bought up kids same way after kids grown up treat parents as their kid...

    1. Thanks Naveena for that elaborate comment. You are right in what you said...

  3. Nice review... Hopefully can watch it sometime



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