Monday, March 14, 2016

Simple Aag Innondh Love Story Review

Crisp dialogues, double entendre and parodies of popular ads/movie scenes continue to be the key ingredients in Suni's latest offering Simple Aag Innondh Love Story too! Praveen and Meghana Gaonkar's chemistry recreates the magic Rakshit Shetty and Shwetha Srivatsav did three years ago in Simple Aag Ondh Love Story. More importantly, the movie makes us laugh our heart out just like its prequel!

What's the film about : It is a road movie, where the lead characters fall in love through the journey! Never mind the story, because one should never look for it either Suni's Simple Love Story series or Yogaraj Bhat's recent films. Because they are for the Whatsapp generation - i.e You should be able to message the story in a single line. But for the dialogues, it is like a Whatsapp group conversation - pouring non-stop from everyone and if you miss one, you cannot follow the conversation!
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What's Cool and What's Not : Apart from the lead characters, the little boy who accompanies them, sets a laugh riot. Another aspect which make the funny bone tickle is the handling of emotional scenes comically! There are very few songs in the movie, something unlike for a Indian romantic comedy movie. Villain gang in the movie looks comical and could have been avoided as they are inconsequential.

Should you watch the movie : Definitely, as it is a light-hearted romantic comedy, which makes you feel good at the end!

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