Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Uppi says Hakuna Matata

Movies directed by Upendra are loud, on the face and well known for their insensitive portrayal of the society. Well, these qualities of his films have earned him fans and haters in equal measure. But in Uppi 2, director seems to have toned down. At times, you feel several scenes are screen adaptations of Zen stories – short but full of wisdom. First half of the movie is entertaining with dialogues filled with ‘Uppism’. This is well received by the audience by laughter and applause. But this cannot be said whole heartedly about the other half.

It is quite easy to find shades of Upendra in Uppi 2. Sometimes, scenes from the 1999 movie are shown. Sometimes sequences are enacted in contrast to the original. Why – because now naanu (I or Me) has turned neenu (You)! Pinnacle of selfishness turned into zenith of selflessness. Well, that’s something to watch out for!
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No need to tell about the plot as you would know that Upendra’s movies are less about story and more about his philosophy. Neither you should worry about the past nor should you get anxious about the future. Live in the present and be happy – this is what director seems to say in the movie. But to tell that he uses the phrase – yochne maadbeda (don’t think). I feel it should have been chinte maadbeda (don’t worry) to get the right connotation. Talking about the story by the maverick director, it is very much comprehensible till there are two characters – neenu (You) and naanu (I). Things get weird when the third character – unknown (let’s call avanu(other)) gets introduced! Cops and goons add to the confusion to make it a mess in the end. 

Talking of songs, they are typical of Upendra – manifestation Uppism in music – loud, unclear and always different! In the most controversial composition – ellradu kaal elitade kaala (Time pulls everybody’s leg) dialogues are narrated in a peppy tone. Though it was not required, I did not find any explicit mention of any actor’s leg being pulled. Even then, the song looks like a narcissist tantrum. But to doze off the fire, Upendra is quick to add nandu kaal elitade kaala (Even my leg will be pulled by time). Similar composition was seen earlier in the movie he acted - Omkara - saying he is the pioneer in portraying the Bangalore underworld in films! 

Euphoria around Uppi 2 is justified, as you would hardly find a director like Upendra at least in India looking at the kind of movies he makes. Though Uppi 2 tries to be different like other movies by him, it begins well but fails to connect the dots for the audience in the end. ‘Upendra’ was screened in Japan, after a Japanese guy found the message in the movie similar to teachings of Buddha. Will it happen to Uppi 2, now it has more to do with Buddha’s messages?


  1. I liked the final para... Japan guy finding Buddha's teaching in Uppi's philosophy. Well presented! Good one



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