Friday, September 13, 2013

Lucia is brilliant

Lucia made news right from its funding. Every move team Lucia made was exciting for the audience which is predominantly Facebook generation which was getting regular Facebook updates from Pawan Kumar. Many of us became integral part of the movie in various ways - by becoming producers, by being part of the film shoot, by competing to become a contributor to the movie or simply by observing the developments. Now after seeing the movie, its brilliant execution makes us proud for a movie which we call our own.

Lucia is a ground breaking movie with a story line which is unusual for a Kannada flick. Awesome camera work captures the essence of the engaging movie. Nikki is an usher in a talkies who suffers from insomnia. He starts getting wild dreams of becoming a film star after a fateful encounter. Real and imaginary halves of Nikki which are intertwined form the crux of the story line.But to find when the fine lines between reality and illusion blur you need to watch movie.
Lucia Kannada Movie Poster
Though a thought provoking film, Pawan Kumar has not shied away from adding commercial elements to the movie like an item song and action sequences which fit perfectly. Witty dialogues add to glamour of the movie. As in his previous movie, he presses for the cause of Kannada without being rhetoric. One can also see the dig at the way Kannada film industry is run today without being explicit. You can also find Pawan paying tribute to other equally good directors in the industry today in some scenes which is an encouraging sign. I believe Lucia should herald a new era in the Kannada film industry and Pawan Kumar has found the audience he was targeting at for these kind of movies.

Following is the video where one of finest actors of Indian cinema, Irrfan Khan shares his thoughts about the movie.
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  1. Completely agree .. we became integral part of it .. often calling it as OUR movie !!

    Let's have a detailed discussion about the interpretation of the movie sometime coming weekend :)

  2. Super story...Good Cinematography .. Songs are good .. Acting is also good (main characters) ..
    The eye opener on the fake drugs available on the market.. made me have a look of on the theater boy (touch haakon) on my way back.. :)

  3. Those good list of points to note Nithin!

  4. Brilliant performance from each of them. N thanks to subtitles, non-kannadigas can enjoy as well.

  5. Yup Shyam. If you had noticed, when there were only English dialogues in one scene when Pawan Kumar makes his appearance, there were Kannada subtitles. So, Pawan has not left that section of audience as well. I would say this as real contribution to the cause of Kannada. Kudos Pawan!

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  7. One of THE best kannada movies I have seen. Completely agree with you Raveesh

    Looking forward to see such movies, congratulations to the "Lucia" team.



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