Monday, April 08, 2013

How I met Steve Waugh?

April last year, I was returning from Tokyo and I had a connecting flight from Singapore. We were busy taking photographs at Changi Airport, when my friend spotted cricketing legend Steve Waugh. Thrilled, we wasted no time in reaching him. Without knowing what to speak, I asked him 'Where are you heading?' I felt apparently that did not go well with him as he questioned me back - where was I going, bit arrogantly in a typical Aussie attitude. I replied back that I was travelling to Bangalore. But how could I miss a chance of taking a picture with cricketing world's all time hero. So, without bothering about his response to my first question, I asked him whether he would allow me to take a photograph with him. He obliged saying 'Make it quick man, I have a flight a catch'. My friend took two shots of me with smiling Steve Waugh and I was on cloud nine. After he took the photograph, my friend laughed and said this will be for your Facebook profile. It was indeed true and no doubt it received maximum likes and comments so far in my album! This photo is like a treasure and I have it on showcase at my home.

Though Steve Waugh did not reveal where he was heading that day, it was IPL season last year and he was spotted in IPL matches couple of days later. I am pretty sure, he was travelling to India that day.
Raveesh Kumar with Steve Waugh, Australian Cricket Team Caption
Me with Steve Waugh(former captain of Australian Cricket Team)


  1. Great.. We'd spotted Bret Lee at Colombo- I was no cricket fan, so took photo of my friends with him



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