Monday, September 24, 2012

Tokyo Travel : Roaming in world's expensive streets!

Ginza is one of the luxurious shopping areas not only in Tokyo but in the world. Needless to say real estate here commands steepest prices in the world. As an upscale shopping area, it houses flagship stores of many leading brands like Sony, Apple and Nissan. Printing major Ricoh is headquartered here.
Ginza glittering in night
A street in Ginza, Tokyo
Yamaha Ginza Store : Yamaha which is world renowned for its musical instruments as it is for motor cycles owns flagship store in Ginza. The huge building houses a concert hall, music school, musical instrument store, and studio. So much for music. Definitely die-hard music lovers will not like to miss visiting this store when they are in Tokyo.
Yamaha Ginza store
Yamaha Ginza store
Hakuhinkan Toy Park, Ginza : One store which every tourist to Tokyo would like to visit is the Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza. When I was in my teens, the word Japan would invoke images of sophisticated electronic toys. Even if you are grown up, I bet craze and fascination for toys would not dry up.
Softbank store, g.u store, Ginza, Tokyo
Softbank(telecom major in Japan) and g.u store in Ginza
Wako store in Ginza, Tokyo
Wako store in Ginza, wako is a retail giant in Japan
Nissan Leaf on display, Ginza, Tokyo
Nissan Leaf on display, Ginza, Tokyo - Nissan Leaf is a hatchback electric car
Ricoh Building, Ginza, Tokyo
Ricoh Building, Ginza, Tokyo
Apple store in Ginza, Tokyo
Symbol says it all, Apple store in Ginza
Multi-storey buildings in Ginza, Tokyo
Multi-storey buildings in Ginza
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