Friday, March 02, 2012

Configuring DSL Modem for Airtel Broadband

Airtel Broadband DSL modem configuration is similar to BSNL one. If you already have a modem you can configure it with the following the settings. I had a BSNL DSL wireless router/modem, which I was able to configure successfully for Airtel Broadband connection.
1. Login to your modem/DSL router typing on your browser with username : admin (default password would be password)
2. Go to WAN(Wide Area Network) Setup and click edit on the first entry in the table with settings Vpi/Vci as 1/32 with protocol PPPoE (If you are using BSNL modem, Vpi/Vci would be 0/35 - change that to 1/32)
Airtel Broadband WAN Setup

3. ATM PVC Configuration window opens. Make sure VPI is 1 and VCI is 32. Select service category as UBR without PCR.Click Next
Airtel Broadband ATM PVC Configuration
4. Connection type window opens. Select PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) radio button and LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING from Encapsulation Mode drop down. Click Next.
Airtel Broadband Connection Type
5. PPP Username and password window opens. Type the PPP username and password selecting Authentication Method as AUTO and MTU - 1492. Click next.
Airtel Broadband PPP Username Password
6. In the next window, there are 2 sections - Network Address Translation Settings and Enable IGMP Multicast, and WAN Service. In the first section check Enable NAT and in the second section check Enable WAN Service with Service Name as pppoe_32_1
Airtel Broadband NAT Settings
7. Clicking Next shows WAN Setup - Summary. Click save and reboot the modem.
Airtel Broadband WAN Setup Summary
Please note that these settings were tested on Beetel 220BX ADSL2+ Modem.


  1. awesome got it done...thanks a zillion

  2. it done..thanks a zillion

  3. Great, nice to hear that my post helped you to resolve the issue!

  4. Excellent step by step description. I was stuggling for 3 days. Your dteps worked in 15 minutes for IBall Baton DSL router.

  5. Hey please tell me how to set up a password for the same my network is unsecured and I want to set a password for it

  6. Hi Pratishta,

    You mean to say the wifi password right? I don't have the modem now for which I explained the steps. So, I cannot explain you the exact steps but definitely guide you.

    You need to go to Wireless setup and set the password. You need to select the Network authentication and set the Network key which is nothing but the wifi password.


  7. where should i go for wireless setup, I couldnt find it. I did log in to but there I couldnt find wifi settings as the option

  8. What is the username and password for DSL? Even airtel customer care is not able to tell me that as they say their application is down.

  9. Hi Himanshu,

    I am also not sure. May be you can try admin/admin and admin/password


  10. Hi Raveesh,

    I think Himanshu is asking for the airtel provided username and password

  11. Then those credentials need to be provided by Airtel itself.

  12. Hi, I have an airtel BB connection taken several years ago that uses a Beetel 220 BX. This is directly connected to a desktop. I want to replace / extend this router modem so that I can connected another desktop as well as my laptop / my son's laptop. I would appreciate suggestions and what H/W to buy. I don't think i will like to ask airtel for this. I have written down the login / pwd for the connection during their last visit.

  13. I had done a limited research on the type of modems to use when I had to buy one. I bought Belkin N150 Wireless Modem Router. Good thing about Belkin is it has 3 year warranty unlike other brands. Modem will be replaced at no extra cost if it malfunctions.

    You can decide based on Wireless speed it offers. For home use, 150 Mbps offered by N150 should suffice. Having said that data speed depends on your internet connection.

  14. Awesome and excellent Raveesh! this helped me lot and your kannada blogs are simple superb.

  15. Hi Raveesh,

    Thanks a lot for the post. I made 2 calls to customer care and could not resolve it after a total 1 hour time spent.

    Got so frustrated, googled on my mobile and found this solution. Aswesome.

    Can you help me with steps to connect a netgear n150 wireless router. I have airtel's beetel 110bx1 modem to which I want to connect the wifi router without modem.

    Thanks in advance,
    Hara Prasad

  16. I followed all these steps
    but the computer is still showing the network as unidentified network
    what should I do

  17. Thanks Raveesh for the detailed steps!


    Pratishtha said...
    Hey please tell me how to set up a password for the same my network is unsecured and I want to set a password for it

    Hey Pratishtha,
    I guess WiFi settings are present under Wireless main tab on router home page:
    1. Open (admin/admin)
    2. Wireless tab
    3. Enter the name for your WiFi
    4. Choose below security -
    a. Make it hidden (SSID hiding)
    b. Authentication: WPA2-Personal
    5. Finish rest of the settings and you're done


  19. Sir can you tell how to block website in beetel modem



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