Saturday, February 11, 2012

Learn Tulu Online : Part 8 - Online Tulu Language Resources

Thought of providing my readers with resources regarding Tulu language available online. Hope you will able to make good use of them.

Tulu Dictionary : Following link on provides you to look for meanings for Tulu words. Key in transliterated tulu word in English in the search box to find the meaning. What more; if you are unsure of the word, the tool gives suggestions on the probable word too! Meanings are provided in English as well as in Kannada.

Tulu Grammar Book : This link from opens up a Tulu grammar book for you. Written by Rev J Brigel and published by C Stolz (of Basel Mission Book and Tract Depository) in 1872, this wonderfully researched book is very useful for those who are serious about knowing about the ancient language. It also has audio feature, which is of great help but sometimes you may not get exact pronunciation as Tuluvas speak.

Tulu Studies : This is a blog with research findings in Tulu culture, words, place names. Very useful if you are into culture studies.


  1. can u suggest some books to learn tulu?

  2. Hi Divya,

    I don't think there are any Tulu teaching guides available in the market.

    But Dravidian University at Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh publishes books in Tulu which are of academic nature.

    Then, of course, you can refer to the Tulu grammar book I have mentioned in this post.


  3. I want someone to teach me tulu ... through classes ... in Bangalore ... can u please help me out

    1. Didn't you go through the lessons here?

    2. I'm going through all lessons here it's helpful
      Can you suggest me how to learn at above average level in 2 months

    3. Hey yes I have gone through all the lessons it's helpful is it possible to learn in 2 months

    4. Best way to learn any language is by observing. That is how I learnt Hindi watching bollywood movies. Therefore, I would recommend watching Tulu movies which are plenty these days and available in YouTube. Tulu movies are mostly comedies, so you will enjoy during learning Tulu. All the best.
      Here is one popular Tulu movie in recent years - Pilibail Yamunakka
      Watch Pilibail Yamunakka

  4. Can I for sure learn it in 7 days? Through sound cloud
    Or do you run any online classes
    If yes how much is the fees?

    1. Hi, You can definitely learn the basics of Tulu to converse and socialise in 7 days. No, I have not started online classes as such.



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