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Bit Philosophical, Bit Comical - Thats Paramathma for you!

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Most of who watched Paramathma pointed out at the lack of linear story in the narrative. But when I saw the movie, I thought it is this mindset Yogaraj Bhat wants to break and for some part he succeeds too if you observe the turn out in the first week.

Bhat-Harikrishna Combo : Right from the audio release of Paramathma, songs of the film have created a rage among the audience. Bhat as lyricist and Harikrishna as music director have delivered another power packed audio after the hugely popular Jackie songs. Bhat's witty lines in perfect tunes provide enjoyable experience - so much that we forget there are melodies from Jayant Kaykini too!

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Philosophical : Bhattru gets philosophical at times in the film and tries to present the shades of human relationships. Scenes like Puneeth visiting Buddhist monks, Avinash hitting Puneeth disguised in Bear's(Karadi) costume go to show that. Add to that the noise making dabba(box)! Even in the Kannada rap lyrics(with Kanglish lines) director infuses philosophical lines - Anumaana irada anuraaga illa(There is no love without doubt). Or take the example of mocking song about failed students. Systemme sariyalla chombeshwara, Prime minister aagbidla onde sala(System is not right, How about me becoming a Prime minister at once!) summarizes it all. Though Yogaraj Bhat presents his own philosophy, the questions presented in the movie are universal like following one's dreams and the dilemma in making choices. In a single line, Yogaraj equates one's heart to the almighty(Paramathma)!

Happy First Half : First half of the film presents the happy outlook of life. Witty dialogues turn the whole theater into a sea of laughter. Even the media created love story adds to the fun. Kone Male(Last Rain) presenting the stereotyped film makers of Gandhinagar is hilarious.

Serious Second Half : Second half of the movie gets a bit serious. You also start feeling whether the movie is going into disarray. But the protagonist constructing his dream house which is linked to the first half gets it back on track.

Extreme Reactions : Extreme reactions are expected of a film like this. After watching the film on the first day my friend Sandeep messaged saying Paramathma is too complicated for Sandalwood. On the other hand, reaction of a frustrated movie-goer was 'Ee film nodokke black ll bere barbeku' ((Why) I should buy tickets in black to watch a movie like this!)

Though I would not state that the film is without flaws. Even with its shortcomings Paramathma presents a new look of the Kannada cinema. But I would ask Bhat to do one thing - "Sir, change the theme of love in your films :)"

You can now watch the movie Paramathma online on - Thanks to the efforts Pawan Kumar, the director of Lifeu Ishtene.

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  1. More than Philosophical, this movie moves around spritiuality. I was thinking that he has added spirituality a lot... Movie itself moves around Parama atma... If u can watch movie with this concept then ur review can be added with more interesting stuff.. thats my Idea and I liked the movie a lot including the narration and hidden translation of spirituality in movie :)

  2. Well Jeethendra, you saw it in spiritual light. Thats great. But I believe that spirituality and philosophy not entirely different. More often than not they are used interchangeably. In line with your comments I have also mentioned the following in my review - "In a single line, Yogaraj equates one's heart to the almighty(Paramathma)!" What would you say it - Advaita Philosophy ! right? :)

  3. When I was watching the movie, parts of the second half seemed boring. But after coming out of the theater, it made me think and I started liking the narration/storyline. Planning to watch it once again - to get another perspective of the movie. As you said, Bhat has blended lot of philosophy in the screenplay effectively.

    Plus, this is a great review - crisp and neat. Keep it coming :)


  4. Hi Shridhar,

    Even I felt the second half left few sections of the audience confused or say frustrated. I am also contemplating the idea of seeing the movie second time.

    Also, thanks a lot for the compliments on my review. This encourages me to write more :)




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