Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Kanasembo Kudureyaneri Film Review

Girish Kasaravalli's latest venture Kanasembo Kudureyaneri looks at how differently men view death. Changes have been made to the original story by Amaresh Nugadoni on which the film is based and it presents the rational side of things as is the case with most of Kasaravalli's films.

At the beginning of the film, audience is presented with a quote of Jean-Luc Godard, a famous French film maker - “A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end... but not necessarily in that order” and spectator realizes this as the movie progresses. The film presented as a sequence of events happening during three days are not in chronological order. This presentation may create confusion in the minds of those who have already read the story and also those who have not read it. This may also prompt them to go for a second viewing too.
Vaijanatha Biradar in Kanasembo Kudureyaneri
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But to get the gist of the story, this is not a hindrance. This technique of randomly presenting the scenes is not new to Kannada industry, as director Upendra presented the same in his debug film as hero in 'A'. He called the technique '2-D' then and asked for a intelligent audience for his film. One different aspect of Girish's films is his use of different dialects of Kannada. If it was Kundapura Kannada in Gulabi talkies, it is North Karnataka lingo here.

Man's dreams are a product of his beliefs. There are no dreams without beliefs, and there is no life without dreams. Modern civilization has impacted human thinking in a profound way. His beliefs have changed. Hollowness of human relations gets exposed very easily during these times. As he becomes more logical in his thinking with selfish motives he tries to keep away from his loved ones(or once?). The film explores all these aspects in a sensitive manner. Film has been presented with light hearted humour as well as sarcasm. Vaijanath Biradar who is branded as a comedian gives one of his best performances here as a grave digger. So, is Umashri who acts as his wife.

As far as the title is concerned(Kanasembo Kudureyaneri - Riding the stallion of a dream), it is appropriate as the film is the sum total of Eerya(Biradar) and his wife's dreams. It is difficult to present dream on screen. Kasaravalli succeeds partially in that. Film as such is a worth watch.


  1. Wanted to watch some good kannada movie maybe will start with this one.Pretty much used to the north karnataka lingo now lol..

  2. Hi Unknown!

    Do watch this movie. It is a good movie



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