Sunday, November 23, 2008

Navagraha - Film Review

Navagraha film posters had caught the attention of many, where in the film publicity team had showed 7 vintage villains of Kannada cinema - Thoogudeepa Shreenivas, Tiger Prabhakar, Sundara Krishna Aras, Sudheer, Lokesh, Dinesh and Keerthiraj. Sons of these actors along with two female leads - Varsha and Sharmila Mandre are the 'Navagrahas'(9 planets) in the movie. Well, I must admit that this film as a whole has certainly proven a point and the dawn of new genre of Kannada films evident here.

Plot: Jaggu(Darshan), a robber strikes a deal of stealing the golden howdah of Mysore palace for 20 million dollars. He along with 8 others hatches a plan for the robbery. Though initially other guys refuse to be a part, later they fall in line as they are in need of money. Jaggu gets his men into action - to get information about the palace and escape routes, for making a duplicate howdah to replace the original and for making their way out after theft. The gang succeeds in getting the howdah and they are on their way to Mangalore port. But on their way, disbeliefs among themselves lead to a bloody fight, ending up killing all but two.Navagraha film poster On the other hand, special officer Bhagath is on his way to capture this gang of robbers and he succeeds in his mission too! The whole story unfolds in the backdrop of Dasara festival in Mysore. Finer details of the story are best seen and enjoyed in the movie hall itself!

What to watch out for : Darshan as the chief of the gang sizzles in the entire film. This role can be easily said as the best he had played so far. Finally, he comes out of the shadow of 'longu machchu' roles. Well, we as audience can now expect such challenging roles from the 'Challenging Star'. As for the songs, 'Yami Yami' song rocks and so is 'Kan Kanna Salige' with its slow romantic tune. Even the background score for the movie is good. Dull moments are few in the movie and audience is in for a gripping thriller. Top view of the ghat section route with lush greenery(Sampage Ghat - Madikeri-Mangalore route, I suppose) is a treat to watch in the climax. These types of thrillers can be easily made a mess or magic without logic, without giving attention to finer details. Here, finer details like Dasara festival celebrations, right electronic gadgets to use, transporting howdah in KSRTC bus with right name boards, reason why Jaggu asks 6 duplicate howdahs to be made, how the police find out the place where the robbers were initially hiding etc are taken care. In this aspect, director Dinakar Thoogudeepa should be given a pat on the back for his excellent work. Also, he has improved a lot from his fogettable earlier film 'Jothe Jotheyali' with regard to script and screen play. There is no dragging of the plot anywhere and it is two and half hours of pure entertainment. This genre of films are also kind of rarity in Kannada cinema. May this film set a new trend. Kudos to the makers of this movie.

Filmy Blunder : Golden howdah, as they say in the film weighs 750 kgs. Lifting this much weight is not an easy task for the gang. Also, full gang was not in action to lift the howdah. May be director could have given little attention to this and be more innovative here.

What could have been done better: Use of graphics has become a fashion for the film makers. Though for some scenes this is unavoidable, one could have done away with some trivial graphics sequences. Also, editing could have been done better.

All said and done, it is a movie worth watching. So, rush to your nearest theatre to catch the earliest show!



  1. surprised to see some single word names like navagraha are still avaialble...

  2. howdu raveesha, chalana chitra channaagide.. kannaDa chitrarangadalli idu hosa mattu uttama prayatna.. dinakar toogudeep mattu iDee chitra taMDakke shubhavaagali..

  3. @Nidhi,
    Thats interesting! Single word names still available as film titles.

    Navagraha is indeed a good experiment in Kannada.



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