Saturday, November 24, 2007

Om Shanti Om - Film Review

What can you say about a film which acknowledges the guest appearances of 31 stars and casts duplicates of some other? That surely must be a spoof, and it is! That is the tale of the latest venture from SRK: Om Shanti Om. Much of the fame for this movie came through marketing of the film in various ways or rather the hype created by the media, latest being or at least what is said in the media ‘SRK promoting this film by being present in the on going cricket series between India and Pakistan’!

If only it fits to this genre of a spoof film, it would have been better. But this also tries to accommodate the usual Hindi film success formula and presents an old story in a new book! Reincarnation drama which was churned and adapted to several films has made its comeback again with this film. Subhash Ghai’s Karz’s traces are evident. In second film of her career Deepika Padukone has announced her arrival on the big stage (Deepika Padukone had debuted in Upendra starrer Kannada film Aishwarya last year).

Farah Khan has tried to recreate the 70s era in the first half of the film but without much success. But some of the dialogues she had picked from old Hindi films make some of the funny moments of the film. Film begins with 70s era and a love story between star Shanti Priya (Deepika) and a junior artist Om Prakash Makhija (SRK). But this comes to an abrupt end when Om learns that Shanti is already married to producer Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal). But Mukesh kills Shanti and Om, in his ambition to become the biggest producer in the industry. But Om is reborn again as Om Kapoor, the son of yesteryear super star Rajesh Kapoor. Circumstances lead Om to accept his previous birth and he decides to take revenge against Mukesh who is now a big producer in Hollywood. Om tries to make Mukesh to accept his sins and give peace to the soul of Shanti and no need to tell that he succeeds in that! Highlights of the film are: some catchy, foot tapping songs, some silly and some good funny sequences, some times over acting by the lead characters.

But the film fails to live up to the expectations of the created by the hype surrounding it. Anyway if you want to see a time-pass film, this can be one of the choices you can make. An average film you can surely pass it off.


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  1. first of all OSO was never projected as a logical, classical movie or a movie breaking new grounds. I guess no one had these kind of expectations, that too after seeing Farah Khan's previous movie 'मैं हूँ ना'.

    As said by a famous critic OSO is a 'sensationally senseless' movie. Therefore this movie shouldn't be judged from a logical perspective.

    It's a typical bollywood movie packaged with masalas, to be seen in a 'mass theatre', where people will cheering and whistling apperances various personalities of bollywood. Otherwise, it will just be a ordinary movie.

    u have mentioned over acting by the lead characters, I feel SRK and Kiron Kher were supposed to overact because overacting is their खानदानी बीमारी.



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