Saturday, October 20, 2007

Krishna – Film Review

After the huge success of ‘Mungaaru Male’, there have been several releases starring Ganesh. Though ‘Hudugaata’ was a success in a small way, ‘Cheluvina Chiththaara’ is set to break most of the records in Kannada film industry. Recently released ‘Krishna’ starring Ganesh, Pooja Gandhi and Sharmila Mandre is the subject of this review.

In ‘Krishna’, Ganesh enacts his real life role that of a television show anchor. If the first half of the film revolves around Krishna and Pooja (Pooja Gandhi), in second half most part is of Krishna and Anjali (Sharmila). In the first half Pooja expresses her love to Krishna much in ‘Beladingala Baale’ style. Though this is prolonged to some extent Sharan’s comical dialogues relieves of the boredom. Krishna lives as a paying guest in Pooja’s home. Though there are quarrels between Pooja and Krishna, Pooja loves Krishna. Pooja first being a stalker to Krishna makes life difficult for him. But then she confesses her love to Krishna much in the same style as hero does in ‘Mungaaru Male’. The only difference is that here heroine does it. Krishna rejects her citing his flashback tragic love story.

When Anjali, his old love decides to marry a wealthy person in a dilemma, Ganesh is dejected and comes to Bangalore to join as TV anchor. But then Anjali is cheated and works as sales girl sacrificing her dream to become a doctor. When Krishna happens to meet her again in this situation he helps her to become a doctor. When in the end Anjali again proposes him, he rejects and instead marries Pooja.

There is nothing new in the script. Old story is presented with the help of new actors. Some scenes are far from reality. For example – Anjali’s constant changing of her mind to select her life partner. About music, two songs are worth listening – ‘Gollara Golla’ and ‘Hey Hudugi’. But I don’t understand why you need Hindi singers for singing Kannada songs. Their pronounciation of the language is awful. There is a new experiment in ‘Gollara Golla’ song, that of adding Tulu pad-dana (Tulu folk song) in middle of the song. And it has come good as well. Ganesh with his dialogue delivery excels. In Sharmila, Kannada film industry has found a new face for heroine.




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