Monday, July 17, 2006


With back to back articles on cricket in the last two weeks, now its time to look upon the new topic, Kanglish. By this time you must have guessed it, ya its about the influence of English upon Kannada and the dialect hence formed, especially in namma bengaluru.

When Radio Mirchi was launched few days back in Bangalore, its punch line said sakkath hot maga, an example of what now has become prevalent, Kanglish(Kannada + English). Kanglish is everywhere, from new age bangalore youth gossip to foot tapping numbers from Gurukiran music. One song from Puneeth's movie goes like this : classalli lectureu boraadre pictureu or another one from Gurukiran's music goes like, ee kanasina highwayali nooraaru turning ide.

One thing about this lingo is to add an extra 'u' at the end of english words in most of the cases, to make it kannadaized, say roadu, pictureu, wasteu etc. This must have come from the fact that most of the Kannada words end with a 'u' in the end.

Nowadays, it is a transformation of another type, invention of new words. while in conversation with my friend, happened to hear the latest invention nodable(worth watch). He was telling "aa filmu nodable alla maga".

"Swalpa adjust maadkolli", can be said as the epitome of this lingo or dialect which you can hear, when you are in a crowded BMTC bus or in any queue. This lingo continues to grow in its own way with the young brigade of Bangalore and of course Gandhinagar, the epicenter of Kannada film industry contributing bulk of it.



  1. youa are absolutely right!!
    KANGLISH-> nice innovation buddy. Interresting article after a long time, hey!!! you can continue the same article. I guess you can write a lot on this subject. Anyway nicely written.

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  3. how can one forget famous kanglish punchline

    Yella OK, cooldrink yaake

  4. Shande
    Rightly said,
    "Ella OK CoolDrink Yaake"
    went on to inspire other Kanglish punch lines



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