Friday, February 10, 2012

Srirangapatna, Meenakshipura(KRS Backwaters), Mysore

It was an unplanned or rather over-planned trip. After shortlisting many locations we finally nailed down  Mysore and nearby places for a weekend trip. Starting from Bangalore on Friday evening(2nd December 2011), four of us had our evening snacks at Shivalli MTR (near Channapatna) skipping the usual destination - Kamath Lokaruchi(near Ramanagara) :) Our next stop was our chosen resort - Young Island Resort near Srirangapatna. One nice thing about this resort is river Kaveri flows along its border!
River Kaveri near Young Island resort, Srirangapatna
River Kaveri near Young Island resort, Srirangapatna
Srirangapatna and Mysore : After finishing our lunch at the resort, we headed towards Mysore at about 9 30 pm. After reaching Mysore we made some unsuccessful attempts at capturing the Mysore palace at night, though only few lights were lit (not elaborate like at the time of Dasara).
Statue of Chamaraja Wodeyar, Mysore
Statue of Chamaraja Wodeyar, Mysore
Meenakshipura or KRS Backwaters : Next morning, one of us suggested instead of going to KRS(Krishna Raja Sagara, which was in our initial plan), why can't we explore KRS backwaters? Bingo, everyone agreed! Known also as Meenakshipura, nobody seemed to recognize that name when we asked for directions. Anyway, when we reached Meenakshipuram or KRS backwaters we had spent considerable amount time and fuel, thanks to the road guides who did not know the right route! 
Coracles parked in Meenakshipura shores
Coracles parked in Meenakshipura shores
Coracle Ride : Soon after reaching Meenakshipura, coracles kept on the shore caught our eyes. Initial inquiry about a ride yielded negative response. Then we were asked to go the colony nearby to see if anybody can drive. We found one guy but the problem was he knew only Tamil and also had stammering problem. An elderly person who was speaking Kannada advised us not to move from our places when were in the coracle since if we move then there is a danger of coracle turning upside down. When we were on board other than the usual chit chat, we had the opportunity to take close shots of birds resting on rocks. On the whole, it is good place to visit if you don't mind the unclean shores!

Crane in KRS backwaters, Mysore
Birds on the rock, KRS backwaters, Mysore
Birds on the rock
Birds, KRS backwaters, Mysore
Few more birds


Anonymous said...

Thax for the useful (and unknown for many) information about Meenakshipura.

Raveesh Kumar said...

Thanks Anonymous

Anonymous said...

leave the exact address how to reach meenakshipura?


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